Story Behind Revival

How did it even happen?

Anita Long (now a PhD Student in Composition & Rhetoric) discovered these archival documents in the Composition Office while conducting research for Dr. Jason Palmeri's graduate seminar. She gave copies of the archival documents to Kyle Larson (now a PhD Candidate in Composition & Rhetoric) due to her knowledge of his research interests in anti-racist activism and pedagogy. 

During this time, Kyle was already collaborating on a different project with Clara Guerra, an undergraduate student and community organizer involved with the Black student movements on campus. Kyle showed Clara the archival documents at one of their meetings. 

Coincidentally, Clara just so happened to recently be elected as the Black Student Action Association's Political Action Chair and expressed her desire to revive the panels. Kyle and her worked closely in building the 2018 revival as Racial Consciousness 101 and continue to organize the initiative together.